Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Unexpected

When you see this you may be quite glad you are not a hen. Occasionally hens quite naturally produce the unexpected. In this case it was an extra large egg. These egg cups are usually a little large for the average egg but this particular egg hardly fits.

Have you now got tears in your eyes at the very thought of laying that? I have seen eggs like this before so I was ready with the camera. On cracking the egg there was a  second egg inside along with the yolk and white.

In this case the inner egg only had white in it so not much of a bonus!


  1. Nature & her mysteries ... kind of cool, poor hen passing that extra large egg.

  2. Perfect for those annoying recipes that call for two whites and one yolk!

  3. Yep: definitely eye watering

  4. That is quite an egg - if ever one belonged in the 'dairy' category..