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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Snap: Trios

There are only a few weeks left of Helena's Snap. My choice today is almost accidental.
1.I spotted the three watericans in a garden I visited and once I had that photo I looked out for possibilities of trios.

2. This giant cutlery was on the wall at a pub I visited a week or so ago. It is difficult to get the perspective but the bricks behind are normal size.

3. A friend gave me these and I promise another photo when they are in full bloom..

4. These characters were on the wall as we went up the stairs for lunch on Sunday. 


  1. Great collection! Love the watering cans.

  2. What a great Snap! Don't those deer all look like they have different personalities

  3. Lovely trios! Wondered when the giant size cutlery would appear - I can vouch for the size - too big to lift almost!

  4. I love these kind of accidental collections - good spotting - interesting how different the deer look - I think of them as all being the same