Wednesday, 25 July 2018

A Restored Garden

I have already mentioned that we revisited Dyffryn Gardens at the beginning of July and have already showed some pictures. I realised that I have still got quite a few left so here are some of them.

Things seemed quite dry then but the last month of heat must have had quite an effect on the gardens.

You may recall that we came to this house and gardens in February and bravely walked around them in the pouring rain. We then decided to return when the garden was in full bloom.

Each garden or "room" has a name and is set out in a different style. This is the Lavender Court and Folly.

The Vine Walk.

You will notice that I managed to find quite a few framed views such as this view through the Lavender Court to the Vine Walk.

Then this peep through an archway into the Pompeian Garden.

 There are watercolours painted by Edith Adie  in the 1920's on view in the house of how the gardens were originally laid out. These must have been a great source of information during restoration and suggest that the Paved Court as this garden is known still has a way to go to reach its former glory.
The Reflecting Pool has been created where the family swimming pool used to be. It is apparently possible to see Crested Great Newts here.

Looking through to the Theatre Garden.

The Herbaceous Borders were perhaps my favourite garden.

Then we stepped through into the smaller part of the Walled Garden.

The work done is outstanding. The areas still to be fully developed give a good excuse to visit again.


  1. Oh my goodness the amount of work that goes into a place like that! So beautiful and it's the structure that defines everything. Thank you for sharing. -Jenn

  2. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite from the framed views in this post. You're a master at this technique.