Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Evening Cool Off

Yesterday evening Farmer Daughter and I went for a walk down to the waterfall for Poppy to have a swim. Like most Labradors she loves the water and thoroughly enjoyed  herself. The waterfall and surrounding woodland is close to a public footpath through the fields but is actually on a permissive path. It was interesting to bump into the owner who was sat on a rock by the side of the waterfall waiting I think for a little dip.
He was telling me how he likes to keep the area accessible for everyone to enjoy but that still people abuse the kindness of the owners leaving litter behind them and even more disgusting dog poos hung in poo bags. Why do people abuse people's trust in them?
We wandered down stream slightly and took some pictures noting how much lower the stream is than our last visit.

On leaving the woods Poppy was keen to pose  for a picture  framed by trees. 

 She has a birthday coming up this week!

The owner of this land has also planted a large number of trees which should make for some lovely woodland in time. Not however in the eyes of my farmer daughter who sees it as a waste of farming land!

When we walked back along the public path the gaps in the hedge made some more  framed picture opportunities.


  1. Almost birthday girl Poppy has certainly grown a lot in the year. What a really pretty spot to have to wander in. I share your wonderment & annoyance at people just leaving doggy waste bags, it's one of the ongoing arguments on the community Facebook page, that & the constant barking dogs.

  2. I've just found your blog with your lovely photos. So many bloggers that I read have stopped blogging recently so it is good to find a new-to-me one to read