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Saturday, 25 June 2016

A Midsummer Walk

We were particularly lucky on our monthly walk yesterday that we avoided the tremendously heavy rain that so many people had. It was particularly fortunate as I had left my raincoat in the car. We had instead beautiful sunshine for most of the time.
The walk started in the small village of Holt just outside Bradford on Avon. The walk started out over fields with a delicious sweet aroma from a local cereals factory. Then we followed along a river for some time.

We then crossed this extraordinary stone bridge apparently in the middle of nowhere.

We continued through fields of maize still short enough for us to see where we were going.

We had a first on one of walks which was crossing a railway. A little unnerving as a train appeared as I was about to cross.

We then walked through the churchyard of the parish church in Broughton Gifford before continuing on our way.

A particularly pretty part was along the side of a field of rapeseed with poppies emerging through the crop.

Then after 6 miles it was back to Holt past another church with two contrasting gates.
The back.

Then a more ordered front.

We were ready for our lunch and a cool drink by the time we returned!


  1. I love that bridge - beating London to a 'garden bidge'! - looks a lovely walk and lucky the rain held off

  2. Lovely walk. So the bridge was just a footbridge and/or for moving animals between fields? I love the poppies in the field.

  3. YOu have some amazing skies in those first few photos as well as all the other interesting things