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Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Link Up

A month has slipped by since Rinda started this year's photo hunt and today she is posting a link up so do pop over to her blog by clicking here to see what everyone else has found.
Yesterday I went to do my big shop at the local supermarket and so have had another go at No. 18 A shopping cart, basket or trolley.
I only go every two weeks so I usually have quite a load up. Amazingly I had some space left this time.

It all looks rather unhealthy and I feel I should explain myself. The fruit and veg either come from the garden or the green grocer shop. All our meat is bought elsewhere!
So what about those naughty items?

The croissants are a treat for breakfast for the post 18th birthday celebration breakfast. Viennese whirls or as we call them "boughten" cakes are for my mother in law. Older daughter requested the crisps. Ok no more excuses!
Then when it's all packed .... Off we go

You may have spotted part of a mural at the top of this picture. There are two of these on the wall explaining the process of glassmaking. I think I may have previously mentioned that the store is built on the site of the Nailsea glass factory.

These are actually very interesting to look at but I wonder how many people rushing to do their shop actually stop and contemplate the hard jobs these workers had.
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  1. We call them 'boughten' cakes as well - maybe it's a local thing. You've done well on the hunt so far.

  2. You have a great start on the hunt! I only managed three in June; I'd better get crackin".

  3. Great SPSH finds. No judgement on your items in the trolley. This is one of my main reasons for hating grocery shopping & running into people I know - it is those looks they give while scanning your items in the cart. Plus I get judged for that OCD ordering of my cart (lol)... I will say no more.

    1. I don't consider myself to have OCD but must admit to being very particular about how I pack my trolley. I always start at the far end so I can get the heavy stuff in first. Can't abide cleaning stuff near perishables and all comes out onto the conveyor belt in a particular order. All has to go in particular bags. Have to be very restrained if the girls help me. Perhaps I should reassess myself!

  4. I am so glad I put the groceries on this year's hunt list. It's so fun to see what everyone is buying!
    Thanks for playing along this year. The linky is now open (it's finally Thursday morning here in California), so please add on when you get a chance.

  5. I always buy my fruit and veg in one shop and everything else somewhere else, so my trolley looks like that too and it always makes me feel a bit shifty..

  6. You don't need to justify what you buy. You get what you like. You might also be buying stuff for other people.
    I play a little game with myself and try to gues what country, if not what continent the trolley is in. Yours was easy as I spotted the tesco things.
    What an interesting mural. I can't read the text as the photos don't enlarge when I click on them. I've been to Nailsea many times and obviously haven't shopped at Tesco's.... (I have lived in the UK 22 years, in Whitchurch, just south of Bristol, and also in Keynsham). It's a small world.

  7. Great photos - and no judgement here on the food!

  8. I never thought of being conscious about my shopping before. Obviously too arrogant by half. Although when my trolley is especially green (or indulgent) I do occasionally imagine bumping into my doctor at the checkout. It changes nothing...)

  9. I had to laugh at your explanation of your groceries! A couple of week ago I was going to take a photo but thought, "Oh my goodness! There's all this JUNK in my cart right now!" Lol. Hoping for a healthier shopping cart in the weeks to come. The glass blowing murals are fascinating!

  10. I never do all my shopping in the same shop either!

  11. Great shot of the shopping cart & such an interesting mural!

  12. Love your photo of the moon; I took a photo on the same night. It was a clear night here, so I didn't get much contrast. I love the clouds in your photo. Great start for your hunt.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA