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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Swallow Update

Just over a week ago I posted how the swallows were busy building their nest in the stable at the back of the house. That day the nest looked like this.

Within a few days it was like this.

Today I hid in the corner for another peep. It is now lined with hen feathers (no shortage of those!). The swallow popped back while I was there .

She settled back on the nest.

I shall now stay away until there is some sign of some chicks.


  1. How exciting for the parents to be... And then the hardest work starts!

  2. fabulous captures and so exciting to see her on her lovely nest

  3. She really has feathered her nest. I had never thought that that was a literal thing until now: isn't that funny?

    1. You are right, Sian, I had never thought about the literal meaning either!

  4. Smart bird using another bird's feathers. Hopefully she will raise the full brood.