Monday, 20 June 2016

Memorandum Monday: What's New?

I have been thinking during Sunday about what's new around here to join in with Sian and the other Monday bloggers. There has been quite a lot of this wet stuff everywhere but then there is nothing new about that.

Well on Saturday I did see a hen taking a ride. That's a new one for me!

Well ok she was put there but they both seem quite happy. They both joined us at a birthday tea for niece's birthday.

Oh and this is new. There are two of these hanging in the barn. So who knows what these are normally used for and who can guess what we are using them for?

My parents came for a Father's Day/ more 18th birthday celebration lunch. Mum came up to inspect something new in the cowshed. Some new calves bought by older daughter on Saturday. Anyone for a kiss?

There was also time to greet the now quite big pet lambs.

Meanwhile Sky is still checking out those calves.

So it seems there have been quite a few new happenings after all. Have a lovely week everyone and I look forward to hearing your ideas on the new floating article in the barn.


  1. Great collection of photos, hope you had a nice celebration. No idea what that balloon is - to keep something away from the swallows?

    1. You are definitely closest but I guess you are at a slight advantage!

  2. I think they are to scare owls away? But not sure - and why would you want to scare the owls? Maybe to scare birds? Great pix of the other animals.

  3. Love Sky keeping an eye on the calves. I'd guess the balloon is a scarecrow for the fields but no ideas on how you are using it inside the barn

  4. A lovely weekend recap. I like Sky's natural pose. Those eyes, we have them everywhere & in the dark they give me the creeps.

  5. My guess is the same as everyone else---something to ward off birds from getting to something they shouldn't. Love those baby animals!

  6. You are all pretty close! The balloons are designed to keep crows from pecking the plastic on the silage. We have also used them to try to scare off Ravens from the hens. On this occasion however we have them hung in the barns to try and stop the sparrow hawk from flying in and killing the swallow chicks.

  7. The balloons sound like a clever solution. I hope they do the trick!

    Wishing you a good week, with plenty of dry weather if that's what you are looking for round the farm at the moment