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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Cornish Morris Dancers

When we were at the Royal Cornwall Show last week there were a lot of Morris Dancers wandering around the showground. Towards the end of the day we came across several groups dancing. They didn't appear to have any formal venue but were dancing randomly in the middle of the avenues.

They were entertaining to watch in their colourful costumes.

I am not sure of the significance of these outfits but they were certainly putting everything into their dancing.

The last group came complete with horse.


  1. Well well well - I've never seen Morris Dancers dressed like that!

    1. I agree Ella. I wasn't sure whether they were Morris Dancers but they were certainly dancing along Morris Dancer type movements. I had a look online and the Royal Cornwall show described them as such. I wonder if there is a Cornish influence although my Cornish heritage doesn't extend to such dances! I think they look rather Thomas Hardyish!

  2. Thanks for introducing Morris Dancers to me ... they look happy & enthusiastic in their dancing. A jolly time. :)