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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Out in the Rain

I knew when I made a trip to Bath yesterday that I needed to take my camera. My two main purposes of the day were to get the car serviced and to meet up with my sister at my parents' house but I had in mind something I wanted to photograph on the way. It was raining when the garage driver dropped me in town. It seemed like myself most people had come prepared and particularly this "Big Issue" vendor.

I know I am going to get told off by my sister because I wasn't even kind enough to stop and buy a copy from him. I'll buy one next time I promise! 
For those who hadn't come prepared there were plenty of umbrellas.

However they were all just out of reach!

They made a great display and I was not alone in reaching for my camera.

They certainly added a little fun to tedium of shopping and were being equally enjoyed by the passing tourists.


  1. I like the colourful display of the umbrellas. The dog in rain gear would have me staring - he looks like a little old man without arms.

  2. I love the umbrella display - each but so effective and the dog raincoat is a hoot

  3. That top photo is excellent! Down to the man in the background. And the brolly installation, just wonderful. Love it.

  4. They're wonderful! Yet again, a super chance to see something I might never had heard about..thanks to the power of blogging

  5. Those umbrellas are wonderful!

  6. I love the doggie rain gear and maybe if you had bought a copy the seller could have one too... There that's your big sister telling you off! Now I will tell you that the umbrella pics are great, very effective.