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Sunday, 12 June 2016

How Portable?

Yesterday we had an unexpected day out. We suddenly at very short notice decided to attend yet another agricultural show. This time we travelled down to The Royal Cornwall Show which is held just outside Wadebridge. This time we were looking for a specific piece of equipment called a sheep turner which as it's name suggests is used for turning sheep over to trim their feet etc. without straining the handler's back. Husband and elder daughter examined several but didn't find exactly what they wanted.

I found it was a good day for some discoveries for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt which I shall sort and post at a later date. I was however amused to find what would have been a great  entry for last year for a public toilet. High above the main ring was a Portaloo.

We can only hope that nobody is stranded within. I can't quite see if the engaged sign is up! On the ground this fellow was not at all shy about the passing crowds as he carried out his necessary business!

Obviously someone in this company has a good sense of humour.


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  2. Sorry, second attempt.. He looks as if he has been in there too long!

  3. Haha! I've visited some strange public toilets in my time..but this one is a step too far, even for me

  4. The loo up on the crane is an interesting phenomenon. At least there will always be one clean toilet at the show! Would indeed have been amazing for last year's hunt ... look forward to seeing your finds for this year.

  5. LOL! Looking forward to seeing your photos for this year's hunt. I haven't begun yet.