Monday, 6 June 2016

Memorandum Monday: A New Use for Old

I am sending a big hello to Sian and all the other Monday bloggers. I have been trying to think of anything new I have learnt or done this weekend. I have of course had lots of new ideas on how to capture all the items on Rinda's new list for the 2016 Photography Scavenger Hunt. I did note that no. 10 is a bicycle. Did I miss the opportunity for this one yesterday? Amongst other activities in Bristol there was a naked cycle ride! Judging by the pictures I have seen in the news you will all be very grateful that I did not go in search of such a snap!
The weekend has mainly been the usual cooking, tidying, gardening and walking the dog. I have therefore chosen to step backwards to last Wednesday to find something new to show you. Some of you may have seen the suspended umbrellas  that I blogged last Thursday. Well this was just part of a series of novel installations around the shopping centre in Bath. Outside the station in Brunel Square there is what they refer to as garden. Basically some artificial grass, some telephone boxes and a Union Jack tepee. I gathered from the local paper that I was the wrong day for a free hand out of Pimms or strawberries.

Have you ever seen a phone box stuffed with flowers?

Or a box decorated with Union Jack maps?

The third one is an idea I have seen before. A phone box library/ bookshelf.

It does look a little untidy though. Perhaps a little job for you Sian?

While I was waiting by these boxes for my sister's train to arrive something else occurred that I have never seen before. Three ladies appeared with three trainee guide dogs and they started to do a bit of training. 

This little chap started well.

But oh dear! The excitement was just too much!

A little bit more training to go and a lot of time and patience needed.


  1. lovely what you can do in a phonebox - interesting to see guide dogs in training - earlier this year I saw one who was supposed to be learning to ignore a cat it walked past. Have a good week

  2. I loved seeing the phone boxes. There aren't many left here, and they were never as attractive as yours to start with! I recently saw a guide and her dog being evaluated by another woman on a street corner. A final exam, perhaps?

  3. Yes thank you for no naked photos! The phone boxes have been arted up in a truly fun way, like the stuffed one with flowers. Oh puppies learning to be helpful, it is a long process, I always melt a little when I see them when they are working & I know not to approach to pat.

  4. Hurrah for those telephone kiosks! Love the one with flowers in it!

  5. OOh, yes! My fingers are itching! I could have that phone box library looking spick and span in no time. Like you, I have seen one of those before but I have never seen a phone box full of flowers. There is something ridiculously cheerful about it (and much nicer this time in the morning than a naked cycle ride..)

    Wishing you a good week

  6. Great shots of Brunel Square boxes! I didn't see the dogs, I wonder if they had also come down from Leamington (National guide dog breeding centre is just outside the town and they are often to be seen in the area)