Monday, 27 June 2016

Memorandum Monday : New Horizons

We have just had a weekend of many "lasts" rather than anything new. However before I tell a little about that I have two things that I have learnt or should have learnt to join in with Sian and all the other Monday bloggers.
Firstly I should have learnt by now that when I have finished using my camera I should return it to the regular settings and secondly that when I have something important coming up I should check what my camera is set on! Consequently my pictures taken this weekend are a little grainy from too high an ISO.
So back to this weekend, a big event for our youngest daughter and for us too really. She has now officially left school so the weekend kicked off for her with a Sixth Form meal out and a taste of night clubbing for those who have hit 18. ( With big sister acting as taxi driver so we stayed tucked up in bed). I have lots of lovely pictures of them all before they leave but I also managed to catch another possibility for The Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt. No. 20 Someone laughing.

I could be in trouble for that one....
So then Saturday was our last school garden party, last arts exhibition of all the pupils' amazing exam work. There was so much I could show you but this lovely vase is made by one of her friends.

Then after a quick return home and change it was back for the last Speech competition with 4 highly eloquent competitors. I am just so glad I didn't have to choose the winner. This then evolved into our last prize giving with a Sports Prize for our girl. Time for bed now? No! It was on to an 18th Birthday Party and an almost last chance to meet up with a lot of the parents.

Then Sunday morning brought the very "last". We scooted off to an exceedingly emotional leaver's service. Being a Quaker school this included a meeting for worship which for those that don't know is a period of about 30 minutes of reflection when anyone can at any time stand and express their feelings and views. It gave us time to reflect ourselves on the wonderful, nurturing environment that both our daughters have been lucky to experience during their education.  It also gave us a chance to hear the respect and love that so many of their peers also have for their school and their friends. There were lots of smiles, laughs and of course tears.
 Then it was time for final hugs between this lovely group of youngsters.

They all had a little reminder of each other.

Then a final celebratory lunch.

Before a final photo on the school steps.

So it's just left to wish all these young people and indeed all those leaving school in the next few weeks all the very best as they seek new horizons and in the words of the school motto Live Life Adventurously.
Good luck to you all.


  1. sounds a lovely way to mark the end of school days and good that parents are involved too - we didn't have any events to mark the end of school. Love the laughter photo

  2. Like the first photo - it made me laugh out loud for several minutes. Well done to all the 2016 leavers. Oh yes your shopping carts full of flowers - perfect!

  3. The laughter photo might win a prize! A great way to start my morning. Such a lovely weekend you had---and full of emotion for sure. Congratulations to the Youngest! I love the school motto.

  4. Wow! Busy and emotional weekend. I know I would have cried all the way through the Leavers service. Congrats on the sports prize! Xx

  5. I'm waiting for mine to come home from her Leavers Service, which was this afternoon. Not least because I am looking forward to browsing her "Yearbook" and seeing what they have all been writing. Wishing your girl all the very best with what's next. Onwards and upwards!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful end to school days. Good luck to her on the next adventure.

  7. an exciting time ahead, lovely photos.