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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Around the Chew Valley

I have been tripping around the Chew Valley on a trail which you will hear more about tomorrow. It reinforced what I really already knew that I live in a beautiful location. These are some snippets as we went around.
Chew Valley lake from the top of Breach Hill.

East Harptree high street.

East Harptree church from a slightly different view.

Chew Stoke Bridge and weir.

Upper Strode looking towards Nempnett Thrubwell church. Any Wurzel fans may have heard of this tiny village in one of their lyrics.

You have to agree that it's a lovely valley.


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful. And so different to the countryside round here. I love that we get a chance to see all over the place through blogging.

  2. Beautiful photos, a shame you didn't get to see a little more sunshine but still a lovely tour

  3. I love to go here, it really is so pretty, and there is always something different to see.

  4. Replies
    1. I did feel I was taking a bit of a liberty taking that one because I took it from one of the artist's gardens as we walked up to his studio. Cheeky.