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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Snap: Tick Tock

A new cafe in the village of Chew Stoke in Bell Lane is built on the site of an old clock making business. The Bilbie family made bells and later long case clocks in the 17th Century in the village. The cafe has a display of clocks on one wall in recognition of this connection.

This gave me an idea to join in with Helena's Snap this week. So I found a few local clocks.

1. Firstly a snippet of a very early church clock built by the above mentioned Bilbie family and still preserved in Chew Stoke Church. 

2. In another part of the Chew Valley in the village of East Harptree this clock rower is at the top of the street.

3. Moving over to Bath a slightly different view of the Holy Trinity Church clock on Combe Down.

4. Looking through the window of Combe Down's tiny museum I spotted this clock. Not the best quality picture.

Have you ever used one of these? Clocking in and out was the procedure for many workers at the start and finish of their shift. This is from one of the old stone quarries. I had a job as a cleaner in a hospital on leaving college where we used such a system. It was not foolproof as far as I recall. It was not unknown at lunchtime to clock back in and then sit down for another 10 minutes or so if the supervisor was not in sight! Do you have any memories of using such a clock?


  1. love the details of all the clocks - yes I had to clock in and out at my job in the library office which I did for part of my gap year - and yes if there was no supervisor around we sneaked in things like taking off our coats and getting a cup of tea as part of clocked in time

  2. Interesting array of clocks. I have never had to clock in/out of a job, but I find the idea an interesting concept. My current job is the first job I have had that pays by the hour & we only write down our in/out times in a log book.

  3. What an interesting collection! I particularly like the clock wall.

  4. Love the clocks! We saw a wonderful one in a winery last weekend, but I couldn't get a good shot of it.

  5. Fabulous collection of clocks! obviously seeing all those hands counting time I got in a muddle counting pictures ;) You'll get your own back when you see my snap set.

  6. I was in Chew Stoke last week but I was too late for the cafe, lovely selection of clocks.
    No I didn't experience clocking in at any of my jobs.

  7. super snap collection. I love all the old clocks!

  8. Good Snap subject! Like the one of the cogs.

  9. What a great choice of photos. How great that the cafe pays homage to the old site. I like all the clocks you included. I have clocked into a few jobs, but never with such an old one!