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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Crazy Buys

Walking into a well known supermarket I was overwhelmed by the quantity of Halloween merchandise on sale which was being viewed by a collection of very young customers.

One toddler was giving a bloodcurdling scream worthy of any Halloween party in response to the sight of her sister modelling one of the masks.

The range was quite unbelievable. Who really wants a bag of bones? Probably not anatomical enough for younger daughter to learn her bones for her Physiotherapy degree!

Or if you prefer the complete skeleton..

Do you have an owl or crow with lit up eyes for your mantle piece?

A few sweets for trick or treat?

Perhaps you prefer a slime cake.

Ahh despite my dislike of Halloween I have finally found the snack especially made for us!

So what do you think of Halloween? Fun or overkill?


  1. I do not like Halloween as it is now celebrated with some much gore & horror. I do not decorate in anyway for Halloween although we do buy candy for the little kids that come trick or treating. Since we also have Cadbury products here, I will have a search for the Pumpkin Patch cakes.

  2. It used to be fun. Now it's overkill.

    We used to have a supermarket here called "Crazy Prices" and you have me remembering it with this title :)

  3. Total commercial overkill. I refuse to bolster the coffers of the horror/gore brigade. I'll decorate a pumpkin, make a turnip or pumpkin lantern with a happy smiley face, bake an apple pie with one or two twenty pence pieces wrapped in greaseproof paper hidden inside, and if our grandchildren are here, we might do some apple-bobbing. But that's it ... Your photos fill me with horror! (Though they're very nicely taken :).)

  4. It has definitely mushroomed since my childhood, and not for the better. I like to see autumn/pumpkin displays but sadly these are relatively few. "Trick or treat" is particularly odious - the idea that it's acceptable to knock on a stranger's door and threaten bad things unless goodies are handed over... It fills me with genuine dread and I feel for the elderly/vulnerable being held to ransom in this way. I did once spend it in a village where everyone knew each other and then it was OK but otherwise it seems to be asking for trouble.