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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Snap: Looking Up

Helena has been running her meme Snap for all of this year and it is proving to be very popular. Last year she did Pairs which was another great one. So this week I am going to push the boundaries slightly with a Snap Pairs. I have chosen the subject Looking up. The first four are all looking up at man made structures.
1. The Crow's Nest of the replica of the ship The Mathew in the Bristol docks.

2. An Industrial crane over the old dock land railway.

3. Kites above the Royal Bath and West Show.

4. The Beehive at Kew Gardens.

Then as a bonus my Pairs Snap are all looking up into the natural namely the leaves  and fruit of trees.





  1. Fantastic snaps! I just mentioned in a blog post how we often bend the Snap "rules" and share more photos! :) The kites photo is my favorite, I think because I haven't seen any kites for a while.

  2. and beautiful blue skies throughout - I do enjoy a look up - great range of natural and manmade

  3. I'll be looking up when I head out later on, now that I've been inspired

  4. A great perspective for the SNAP collection.

  5. Yes, always good to look up! A lovely and varied collection this week.

  6. Oh this is fun - I had photos of the Bath & West show on my feed as friends went there but didn't see kites.

  7. wow- those kites are fantastic!!!

  8. All eight of them are fabulous. I really loved Look up/Look down with Helena.