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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Malvern Pudding

We have an abundance of Bramley apples at the moment and I am always trying to think of different recipes in which to use them.

Malvern Pudding is a dish that my mum sometimes makes and is always a favourite. It consists of a an apple base with a cinnamon custard top. I have managed to lose my original recipe so searched around on the Internet to find a similar one. If you follow this link you will find the recipe I used. I prepared the apples as suggested.

However I decided to cook them for far longer than the recipe suggested so that they were thoroughly cooked and broken up by stirring.

The apple is not cooked any more after this so this seemed a better option. Ensure that the custard is cooked sufficiently to thicken.

When it is removed from the grill it can be served hot. My preference is to cool it and allow it to set. I have experience of my family complaining ( how dare they!) of it's sloppy nature otherwise.



  1. It looks like perfect autumn evening fare

  2. Looks good! Certainly haven't tasted Malvern pudding in a while! Wasn't the original recipe from Family Circle?