Monday 17 October 2016

Memorandum Monday : A New Trail.

Now that we are well into October the weather is definitely Autumnal. October means something else in our neighbourhood too. So to join in with Sian and all the other Monday bloggers I thought I would tell you about something new around here. Harvey's Scarecrow Trail 2016.
 Those of you that have been following me for a while will know that thie is an event to raise money for a very special boy called Harvey who had a childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. Sadly Harvey passed away last November but the trail continues. The money raised will go towards a new charity called A Sibling's Wish set up by his mum to support bereaved brothers and sisters. It provides special keepsake boxes in which they can keep their treasured items connected to their lost sibling. Should you like to know more follow this link
 I haven't had a chance to look around many of the scarecrows yet but I have seen this fantastic one and thought I would share it with you.

The lady who created this always produces the most amazing tableaux. Lilliput Kingdom this year is no exception. Gulliver is securely tied to the ground. I see however that he is still smiling!

Around him there is an industry of little people busily going about their work.

Don't you think that is absolutely wonderful? Hands up if you would like to see some more scarecrows and watch this space.


  1. yes plese for more scarecrows - can't believe it is a year since the last lot. The Gulliver tableaux is fabulous with all the details. What a great idea of the keepsake boxes for the bereaved siblings. Have a good week

  2. What a creative scarecrow display - how imaginative. I like the idea of the keepsake box as touchstone to remembering someone, I have something similar for my Mom. Happy week ahead.

  3. Oh, yes! This is amazing and I hope it helps to raise a lot of money for the new charity which sounds like an excellent idea

  4. Such time and effort to make this!
    My hand is up.

  5. That is amazing! yes I would like to see some more scarecrows!

  6. What a wonderful charity to set up! I had a student many years ago who lost her mom during our fourth grade year together. She made a box with keepsakes from her mom, and it has meant a lot to here. Amazingly enough, I was able to reconnect with her last week--she's now in her sixth year of a doctoral program in physical therapy.