Monday 3 October 2016

Memorandum Monday: A New Home. A New Beginning

Good morning to all on this first Monday in October and a big wave to Sian and all the Monday bloggers. So what's new and what have we learnt this weekend? 
For us here on the farm we have had a flying visit from the new student. It was good to see her and hear in more detail what she has been doing. However there was a purpose to her visit. This was to have a last opportunity to see, ride  and take some snaps of her pony Margot.

A new home has been found for her and Sunday was the day set aside to take her to her new there.

Margot however as you can see has a personality all of her own and it didn't take long for her to pick up on the upset and anxiety.

Despite a lot of work getting her used to the horse trailer she was of the opinion that she was going nowhere! An offer of help came at the right moment when after repeated attempts to load the lovely girl and a lot of tears shed by those involved a lady visiting the farm came up and offered us the use of her lorry. Now it's times like this that its best to admit that you are getting nowhere and accept some help. There was a bit of hesitation from father farmer (he was seeing pound signs) before the offer was accepted. Have we learnt to accept help gratefully? I hope so. Margot was in the lorry and secured on the second attempt (lorries are much easier than trailers ) . A sigh of relief and we were all off.

So as you can see Margot has arrived in her new home where I am sure she will be pampered. Once we were assured that all was well it was time for the last tearful goodbyes and for wishing her and her new owner well.
I am sure we will keep in touch and meanwhile we have taken younger daughter back to continue her new beginning as a student.


  1. Oh dear, just the thought of those tears 😕

    New home looks very nice though and glad to know that the new student is otherwise happy and been able to share her experiences. Xx

  2. So nice that your daughter had the chance for a final goodbye. Oh I know only too well those types of goodbye tears. Glad Margot has a wonderful new home.

  3. looks a lovely new home and fabulous photos of the 2 of them

  4. Oh, that's a big one. Not an easy day, for sure..

  5. how sad, I hope she settles well

  6. how sad, I hope she settles well

  7. Awww, that would make for a tough day even if the transporation issue had not arisen. Hope student and pony are both doing well.