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Thursday, 6 October 2016

5 in 5 : Rolling into Autumn

I am a day late joining in with Sandie's 5 in 5 where you choose 5 photos taken in a 5 minute interval. The location I chose this month is a field where I regularly walk Monty. There is quite an Autumnal feel about the farm now and this is reflected in these pictures.

1. A peep beyond as the track opens out into the field.

2. Hedgerows plentiful with berries.

3. Conkers! Don't they just make you think of your childhood! When I was food shopping in M&S there was a lady walking round with quite a young baby (about a month old) in a pram. In the pram all round the baby's head were shiny conkers. What a picture they made and I would have loved to lean in with my camera (obviously I didn't!) . Why were they there? I wondered. Did she have an older child who had put them there? Had she been unable to resist them? I don't know but I did wonder if she realised they are poisonous so near a young child. 
My conker is still in the field.

4. The leaves are changing. The ploughing has started.

5. Monty as always is enjoying his walk.


  1. Gosh yes I thought the same ... "What if the kid puts one in its mouth?"
    Lovely light in your conker pic.

  2. love the shine of the conker - I picked one up in Spain to bring home as I don't see many around here and it looked so shiny. Lovely to see Monty enjoying a mooch about

  3. That must have been a most curious sight. I wonder.

  4. Conkers as a necklace - oh the fashion sense of it all. Maggie today is a day for you; 6-10-2016 front to back - back to front it writes out the same. :)

  5. I enjoyed this walk with you and Monty. It is nice to see the changes of season.
    What a strange sight that baby must have been with fingers around his head. I wonder if there is some folklore we've not heard of. I might have to do a Google search!
    Thank you for joining in this month Maggie.

  6. Lovely! I particularly like no 5

  7. These are beautiful Maggie. Especially nice for me to see and I could do a snap with three of them! You live in a very photogenic place.