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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Familiar but Unexplored

I spent some time with my parents last weekend and during the afternoon went for a little walk around the area. Autumn was very evident in this leafy suburb of Bath.

The leaves are changing.

And rapidly falling. Just right for a kick and a rustle.

I was brought up from the age of 5 in this neighbourhood so knew it well. It was a bit of a walk down memory lane although there has been a lot of new building and definite disappearing of many small shops and banks that are now just private houses.

Passing the parish church I realised that  this not being our family church I had never walked around the churchyard.

 I was surprised to find no graves but a series of undulating banks and mature trees.

I had more to discover. On my way back I walked along by a very high wall that I have passed many times. I was aware of what was behind this but had never seen in. On this occasion however I discovered that around the corner all was revealed. This Jewish cemetery dates back to 1842 and was last used in 1922. 

Hidden behind gates it had been virtually forgotten and was totally overgrown until it was restored.

It includes a small prayer room on the right. I was never aware of the cemetery's  existence until recent years but talking to a lady who lived nearby she told me she had played in there as a child.
It just goes to show what is on your doorstep or in a familiar area that you don't really know.


  1. A wonderful walk through the village - a very delightful way to spend an afternoon.

  2. Fascinating to see inside the grounds of the church and especially to see the Jewish Cemetery. Interesting that we covered similar but not quite the same ground on our walks!

  3. What a truly lovely post this is. I've only ever been to Bath in the height of the tourist season, so of course all I know is the busyness and the crowds. It's nice to see the quieter side.