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Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Surf Board Challenge

This weekend is the Somerset Young Farmers' Rally when all the local Young Farmers gather together for a bit of a challenge and a bit of a social. This year the theme was 'Down Under' so there were many Ausralian antics going on.

Quite a lot of thought had gone into the activities even down to the signage for the road crossing.

The handicrafts were all on an Australian theme and the Aboriginal bunting was particularly good.

I have however chosen a couple of the challenges to show you. One was how many people could you get on one surf board. This was something that seemed to progress in intuition with each group.

Luckily nobody wobbled!
A more creative activity was the sand sculpture competition. Farmer daughter was always keen on her sand pit as a child so she was in her element!

A pretty good job they made of it too!

This group were however some stiff competition.

I'll be telling you a bit more of what went on tomorrow. Well some of it anyway!

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