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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Looking Down the Garden

The garden is at that in between scruffy stage at the moment. The spring bulbs are over and there is a lot of tidying and planting to do. I have made a start and yesterday I nipped out between showers of rain to do a bit more. The ceanothus bush is looking grand at the moment but is threatening to take over the whole garden. We were discussing how we bought it as a tiny plant from a stall on the harbour in Penzance. A lovely reminder of a great holiday 4 years ago.

A few sheep are in the field at the bottom of the garden which I always enjoy seeing.They are not often there but are a few ewes who were late to lamb. The last lambs have been born so that's it for this year. 


  1. Mum says the ceanothus has done well in four years (my thought too - must be the rich earth and composting!) and it's lovely to see the sheep up by the garden.

  2. I'd quite happily let a ceanothus take over in my garden. We used to have one in my last home, but sadly not enough space where I live now.

  3. A lot of tidying to do?! It's looking pretty good to me!