Monday, 1 May 2017

Memos, Mail, Me and Monday : A Bit of Hockey

Today I am joining Sian in her Monday spot talking about things like post, what is new and generally what we have been up to.
I am expecting something exciting to arrive in the post this week. I think it may be here tomorrow so remind me to tell you about it next Monday. We have a mail box for the whole farm and it is not uncommon for someone to pick up all the post to sort it and then put it down and forget it. It is not unknown for me to be wandering around the farm looking for it in likely places in the sheds. You would have found me doing that on Saturday. I didn't find the letter I was expecting but I was pleased to have a thank you card with a lovely picture of my friend's new baby.
 I have also done something new and totally unexpected. The student daughter popped back to university for a few days this week for hockey practice before a big match. Friday night at about 10pm a text conversation with her goes like this.
"Quite a lot of parents are coming to the match tomorrow...... it's really important... Lauren 's parents are coming from Manchester..."
"What time is it?"I ask.
" 10am" 
Silent groan from me...
So Saturday morning found me on a train at 7.15 on my way to perform my parental spectating duties.
There were a few firsts for me. My first visit to The National Hockey Centre, my first encounter of wet AstroTurf which was watered with sprays between quarters and most importantly my first time of seeing my student daughter playing for her university team.
They had a team huddle to start.

Then a line up and introduction of team members.

Followed by meeting the opposition.

Then the action began to roll.

They had done well to reach the final.

Unfortunately they lost by a score of 4 to 1.

However we all enjoyed the action with some great hockey and there were medals for both teams.

It was an unexpected treat to see her play and to spend some time with her at university before we both returned home for the rest of the bank holiday weekend .
I'm off out now for are normal May bank holiday treat and hopefully I will have some pictures for you tomorrow. So have a good week and I shall be around to say hello.


  1. Well done to her, and well done to you for getting some great shots! (Ooo yugh 7.15 on a Saturday morning.)

  2. I do miss my parental spectating duties. Field hockey can be pretty brutal sometimes; they did very well to reach the championship, and I'm glad both teams were recognized. Lady Ella is right; you got some great shots of the action! Hope your mail gets there early this week. I'm waiting for two packages; both need to arrive before the weekend.

  3. A very busy Bank Holiday weekend for you! Glad you could get to see the hockey and you have some great action pictures. It is a long time since you and I played hockey and never on astro turf, which I should imagine may be quite s bit faster..

  4. I like to watch hockey but was never a good player ... that was my sister's sport whilst I was better at netball. You've captured some brilliant action shots

  5. Yeah to your daughter & her team. You captured some great action shots. This side of the pond, you would have to be sure to put field in front of the word hockey especially right now as the continent is mad with (ice) hockey playoffs. Happy week ahead.

  6. what an experience for her to be playing at the national hockey centre and great that you went to watch. Have a great week and hope your package arrives and is not detoured around the farm

  7. Years down the line she's going to be so happy to have those pictures :) I hope your special delivery arrives and you manage to grab hold of it before it heads off round the farm! Have a good week Maggie