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Monday, 29 May 2017

Memo, Mail, Me on Monday : Snails, Storms and Souvenirs

I'm a little late getting round to posting today. Last week when I waved to Sian and all for the Monday meme the sun was shining on what proved to be a blistering week. This morning we woke up to a wet morning and there have been frequent showers since. Everything looks a little wet including these trailing geraniums.

Which leads me onto tell you about something I learnt this week namely that I had bagged a big bargain. These trailing geraniums and standard geraniums were 2 for £1 when I bought them the week before last in the greengrocers shop. I bought 30 for around our garden, the yard and main garden and a further 12 to decorate the tables at lunch club which we sold at the end of the day. It was not until my visit to the shop this last week that I confirmed  what a bargain I had got. The same plants were now £1.99!
 Back on the subject of rain our garden is also overrun with these little chaps and their slug mates.

It was while talking about these slugs and snails that I learnt something else new. I heard how a longstanding friend sneaks out after dark to catch as many as she can of these little fellows and then dumps them in the field. My methods I am afraid are a lot more harsh!
 Mail has been thin on the ground this week but we have received a number of holiday souvenirs from returning relatives.
My mum and sister have been in Cornwall. They brought us some tasty pasties which were eaten before my camera came out. Then they gave us these apt egg cups.

I've tried them out for size and they cope well with a double yoker! 

Then there was some Cornish chutney and some honey from brother in law and sister in law who have had a sunny week in Pembrokeshire.
So now we have had some rain to help the crops along let's hope for another sunny week for all of us.


  1. Beautiful flower shots & cute egg cups, as pails they have potential for other treats ... happy week ahead.

  2. It seems to be the time for bargain plants! I love the egg cups, especially the colour.

  3. Nice holiday gifts! Lucky you. Ufff... yes, molluscs everywhere now. We had some heavy rain overnight and I had been hoping the grass would dry enough for mowing but it remained damp all day and now it's drizzling. Still, more chances later on in the week.

  4. Those egg cups are adorable! And, as always, your photos of your flowers are gorgeous.

  5. Glad you liked the egg cups that Mum picked for you at Godolphin - they were quite a size but your eggs are just right in them.