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Saturday, 6 May 2017

An Interesting Venue

Yesterday I went with a friend to visit some of the venues on the North Somerset Arts Trail. It wasn't really possible to photograph the art that we saw which is a shame because we saw some fantastic art work. I have however taken some of one of the venues we visited.
 Barley Wood House is an 18th Century house on the edge of the village of Wrington and is a former home of 18th Century philanthropist Hannah More. It was bought by the YMCA who have restored it and opened part of it as a wedding venue.

It has panoramic views over the Wrington Vale.

The gardens are obviously being restored and are still a bit of a working project.

We were told by one of the artists that young people are employed as apprentices in the gardens and the kitchens. One of the main aims of the YMCA is to educate these youngsters.

It certainly has potential as a wedding and party venue and already has a lot of bookings.

We had quite a stroll around the gardens.

We were also given the chance to check out the bedrooms which all looked very comfortable if not a little sparse.

They all had views out across the garden and valley.

We both thought that the main thing missing was ensuite bathrooms. The newly refurbished bathrooms were across the corridor from the bedrooms apart from the bridal suite which had their own next door. The attic rooms although cosy had no bathroom on that floor at all. We definitely didn't think they were suitable for those with a weak bladder unless they borrowed the chamber pot in the bridal suite! 
It was generally a lovely venue with potential for one to put one's personal stamp on it.

A friend of mine is attending a wedding here in July so I shall look forward to hearing how it goes.


  1. Certainly a beautiful place, but the thing that captured my attention were the towels (?) folded to look like swans. I've never seen that before.

  2. a beautiful house and garden - lovely to see that it is being restored

  3. Great project - love the towels!

  4. You make an excellent point! Most guests wanting the treat of a night in a lovely hotel room expect a bathroom these days.