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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Fun in the Field

The last couple of days I have been showing a little of the Somerset Young Farmers Rally. There were also some activities going on in the field.
 The 'lawnmower ' races were highly amusing to watch. 

The lads took this very seriously and were all on hand for any emergency repairs or help needed. 

The ditch of water certainly added to the fun causing lots of splashes and several  minor breakdowns.

There was a tug of war which had been carefully prepared for with lots of training. The winning team will go on to compete at the national rally.

One of the most enjoyable events for spectators and participants was the obstacle course which included a pool of foamy water.

There was plenty of over and under. 

Two of the lads had come in appropriate dress and entertained the audience with their antics.

Let's hope they all brought a change of clothing for the evening event!


  1. Another fun event at the fair. The tractor racing seems like good preparation for actual farming because it gets done in all conditions, all weathers. I laughed out loud at the two bath suited men! Fun fun fun.

  2. You managed to get some great action shots here

  3. Wonderful shots - some activities look more fun than others..