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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

For All the Family

Like many agricultural shows the North Somerset is a family show and it is great to see all ages getting involved from the very young to those of maturer years. Showing of the animals is something that many children get involved in.

The youngsters are very competent handlers.

And love their animals dearly.

The grandparents are equally at the centre of the activity.

It is great to see skills being passed on.

One new event this year was junior tractor pulling. Where the mini tractor "driven" by a youngster was challenged to see how many people it could pull on a sledge trailer.

Some of the entrants could barely reach the pedals or even steer the tractor!

I am sure we will see them again as the years go by and their competence and tractor size increases.


  1. Do you ever show animals? I wondered if it was something your daughters used to do. It's lovely to see the children so involved.

    1. No we don't show animals. It takes a lot of time and effort. I'm not sure husband would have the patience! The girls did do a bit of pony showing at one time but nothing very serious.

  2. I love the hat photo! A great day out, look forward to doing it again one day. Must try and find an equivalent country fair in the US before we leave.