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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Take Three Thursday : Apple Blossom

Today to join Mary Lou with her meme on a Thursday to find three photos with a similar theme I have looked in the back garden.
The Bramley apple tree has been covered in blossom this year. Let's hope this leads to a good crop.
So here are three photos of the lovely blossom.


  1. beautiful pinks and some lovely blue sky behind too

  2. Oh so very beautiful & delicate. I think the second photo is such a perfect capture of the beauty of these blossoms, I just want to lean in & sniff - I could see this photo being used for a card or as a model for a painting. Thanks for noticing & joining in this week.

  3. Such a beautiful sight - I love blossom time!

  4. I think I like apple blossom more than cherry (don't tell my Japanese friends). Your pics are lovely, esp the middle one.