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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cheeky Lambs

Today is a bit of an experiment. I took this video of the pet lambs the other day. It is quite amusing and soporific to watch. I have shared it with friends on Facebook and thought I would share it with you. I have never posted a video before so am interested to hear if you can view it okay.


  1. I could view it fine and am very impressed with your media-savvy!
    Cheeky indeed - just like children, they want what the other one has, even if what they have is exactly the same!

  2. So cute & that was fun to watch.

  3. Yes, I can view it - no problem at all. They are so cute and I love their guzzling noises!

  4. Yes, can see & hear clearly, well done on a successful post!
    Love all the jostling and gulping!

  5. Very clever! I was able to watch it in Feedly before I even clicked through