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Sunday, 6 August 2017

5 in 5 : Early Preparation

I am joining Sandie with her 5 in 5 which happens on the 5th of each month. The idea is that you set your timer for 5 minutes and click away with your camera for the designated time. The tricky bit then is to choose 5 to post on your blog.
This month I am taking you for a peep through this garden door to see what is going on. You can see that Monty has got there before us.

1.What we will find is a lot of activity keeping the garden up together for the forthcoming wedding in September.

2. I was accompanied by younger daughter who took charge of my timer to make sure there was no cheating!

3. Older daughter was busy trimming hedges.

4. The farmer has been doing a lot of tying plants up.

5. It's all looking pretty good really. 


  1. What a fabulous garden you have. One of those places that make you want to spend time and wander from area to area. You have obviously all been working hard out there!

  2. Oooh - many a worse place to hold a wedding reception! Very pretty flowers in the last pic! Lovely gladdies!

  3. Such a lovely spot for a wedding, cannot wait to see the wedding photos.

  4. Looks like a perfect spot for the wedding!

  5. The perfect place for a wedding reception! I expect you will be busy with preparations and excitement and I hope these beautiful borders maintain their colour.
    Thank you for taking part this month and sorry that I have not visited sooner - I have been away. I look forward to hearing more about the wedding.