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Saturday, 12 August 2017

A Hat

What better place is there to find a hat than a wedding? I found a few for No. 25 of the Summer Photo Hunt A Hat at the wedding. There were several ladies in some stylish numbers.

Then there was the smart chauffeur.

The next day I visited a garden (more of that to come) and sun hats were needed by some.

I think I know my choice. Which would you choose?


  1. I like hats. These are all great examples of hats. The photo of the two ladies (4th photo) the lady in the pink fascinator hat looks just like the actress from Downton Abbey, Penelope Wilton.

  2. I love hats, but you just don't see anything like these in the states---at least not where I visit!

  3. All the hats are lovely, very smart!

  4. Definitely one of the top two. Great pics too!