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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Yellow Flowers Everywhere

LOn Thursday this week there will be a chance to link up with all the other folks doing the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt to see how they are all getting on. I have been exploring No. 10 Something Yellow.  I have collected so many options for this I will need to do a bit of sorting. Not only are they all yellow but they are all flowers!
So here goes.
Some are in our own garden including the Welsh poppy which has been flowering for weeks.

 Then the fennel which grows like a weed.


The rudbeckia that I have grown from seed and are doing really well this year. 

Then of course the sunflowers that are a smaller flower variety than I usually grow.

Then in the main garden.

Evening primrose.

Now the name of these has escaped me.

Finally the rogue. Ragwort. Highly poisonous to horses and sheep particularly if it gets into hay. It was pulled out after I took this.

So now I need to decide.


  1. I can't help you with that decision - they are all beautiful. Your garden must be so colourful. We have the Welsh poppy, a friend gave me some a few years back and told me that I would be cursing her in years to come once it had spread all over the garden but I love it!

  2. Wonderful selection of yellows & flowers. I think Yellow was the easiest to find in the SPH, much to my surprise.

    Answer to your question to me: Yes.

  3. That is quite a collection, not sure how you will choose. I think your unidentified flower may be Yarrow.