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Friday, 4 August 2017

Take Three Thursday on Friday: The Churchyard

I went for a walk with a friend to check out a walk for our walking group. The weather was not brilliant with rain on and off so the camera didn't come out much. The walk started and finished in a village on the east side of Bath called Newton St Loe. This village is almost entirely owned by The Duchy of Cornwall and is certainly picturesque. I hope to bring you more pictures when we do the walk with our group but here are three that I took of the churchyard.
1. This notice greets you as you enter the gate. It made me laugh. I don't blame them for displaying it either. Some dog owners are so irresponsible.

2. We had a look around the church which was very dark on such a gloomy day. This is the view back out through the church porch.

3. This view down the path and over the fields shows the start of our walk.


  1. Thanks Maggie for joining. I like the dog sign. You do have some neat places for walks.

    As to the change in TTT to TNT, my mind is wandering quite a bit so it was more of a slip of the mind to fingers to keyboard ... I will "pay attention" ... although I am liking TNT.

  2. Rainy, but still beautiful. It brings a wonderful sheen to the stone walk in the last photo. I got a chuckle from the sign. Have a great weekend.

  3. Well done for walking in the rain. I bailed on a walk last Sat 'cause of the weather. Now tomorrow's forecast is looking equally blah! Might have to go and get wet anyway.