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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Take Three Thursday: Cone Flowers

A very quick post today as I shortly leave for a wedding. Here are a few of the cone flowers from my visit to Barley Wood Walled Garden.


  1. Thanks for joining in Maggie. Such interesting coneflowers - I like all the new developments the breeders are creating. Hope you have a very good time at the wedding - another item off the PSH!

  2. I love the contrast between the orange centres and the purple petals. You have some double flowering ones, I see. I did have some of those, but I think they either died out, or evolved into singles. -Jenn

  3. They are lovely! I photographed some here the other week which I haven't blogged yet but they had different shaped cones. (So perhaps I am wrong). Hope you had a good time at the wedding.