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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Summer Photography Hunt : How Far Have I Got?

I missed the link up for Mary- Lou's photo hunt on Wednesday so I am joining in today. I have made quite a few finds some of which I have already posted. Today I will show a few more of my possibilities that I might use for my final choice.
1. Something Fuzzy.
I have a few pictures I am contemplating for this.

6. A Pipe
I have found a few more of these. My visit to Chastleton House gave me this drainage pipe on the side of the house.

Then this on Chastleton church.

On another church in Newton St Loe my friend spotted this gargoyle and pipe. Handsome isn't he?

8. Rust
I have two more options for this.
At Mells Walled Garden 

In our garden.

11. A toy only found out during June to September.
I can't be certain you won't see these in the winter but they are far more common and popular in the summer.

19. Feet of Man or Beast.
I had a little fun with this. What left this? Man or beast?

I caught Tiggy asleep.

The hens rather liked my feet.

And let me take their's!

22. A Dial
I have found quite a few sundials but this is our own.

Then for another kind of dial this clock dial was painted on a piece of Nantgarow china in Cardiff National Museum.

This dial was on the wall of Newton St Loe church

So there are quite a few choices to be made and some more searching to do.


  1. Great finds & the chickens with your feet & theirs certainly gave me a much needed chuckle or should I say cluck today. Tiggy's toes are certainly showing they are busy feet!

  2. So many choices, how will you choose??

  3. So far, your clock plate is my fave out of all the "dials" I've seen.
    The gargoyle in Newton St Loe looks as if he's blowing a party thingy that unfurls and makes a noise. Any minute now I will remember the name of them. Or perhaps I'll just go to bed...

  4. You have some great finds! I regularly do a Where I Stand photo for my CY365 project, but never thought of including it for #19. As for that large footprint, I'm guessing beast, but I definitely don't know what kind!

  5. You have a lovely selection of photos so far. I particularly like the dandelion and the clock.