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Monday, 7 August 2017

"I'll Give You the Key"

Older daughter had a trip to Bath Races last week. She was pretty pleased to come home £15 up! The entertainment after the races was The Wurzels which led to a conversation the next day about how long they have been going. I reminisced about "The Combine Harvester " being a hit when I was a youthful sixth former long before my associations with any farm.
Well a good few years on I haven't ever been offered the keys, we don't have our own but we wait in anticipation of the Combine arriving. It arrived Saturday to snatch some hours of cutting between showers.

The summer started so promising with weeks and weeks of sunshine but over the last week or so it has been damp and certainly not brilliant weather for the barley.

Although I was pretty busy I dashed out to see it. I always like to see it in this field which we call Robber's Paddock because of the spectacular back drop.

Chew Valley lake can been seen in the distance ( and not an alligator in sight thankfully! ). 

I did however spot three windmills on the horizon (I'm sure there were only two before) which is the closest I have got so far to No. 23 Something powered by wind for the photo hunt.

Well they have now finished this field and baled the straw. Hopefully they will be able to head on with some more this week.


  1. The yellow combine makes for a great prop in the photos - striking colour contrast with the views. This week locally it's been mostly the harvest of winter wheat, the barley I think is only a couple of weeks away from harvest. I marvel at the size of the combines especially when they are driving on the road next to me from one field to the next.

  2. That's a very smart looking combine! Lovely views.

  3. You have such a beautiful setting!