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Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Variety of Water Features

A Fountain is No. 19 on the list for The Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt and I have come across a few whilst out and about. The first one that I found was in the grounds of a private hospital in Bath. I was dropping younger daughter off for a day's work experience at The Bath Clinic when I spotted it in their garden. When she was safely out of site ( she would have been a touch embarrassed if she had spotted me) I slipped out of the car to photograph it.

I came across several when on the Sculpture Trail around Bristol. The first of these is the King George Memorial which dates from 1981, a curiously long time after his death, it is on the other side of a Portland stone statue that I posted before.

The next one is hidden behind a pair of gates in an office courtyard and is of the Roman Goddess of the River Severn called Sabrina. She is depicted in bronze with her youthful supporters.

Castle Park is an area of recreation made on the site of where a lot of buildings were destroyed during the Bristol Blitz in the Second World War. The derelict remains of St. Peter's church stand in the centre of this.

There are fountains as part of a water feature in a sensory garden around this church. This is called "Beside Still Waters" and features pineapple shaped fountains at either end. There was no water on the day we visited.

Nearby in the same park there is a fish shaped water fountain that is supposed to represent the search for more cod which precipitated Bristolians discovering the New World.

Walking through the Milłenium Square I wondered whether the very modern water features counted as a fountain.

The last one spotted that day was outside the Council Building where there are three similar fountains.

Last but not least at the other end of the country this final fountain made a wonderful photo spot just outside the hotel door at the wedding reception.

So which is your favourite to use for the photography hunt?


  1. All very interesting. What a consider Mum you are; hope you daughter had positive adventures at the work experience that day. I particularly like your photo of St Peter's old building with fountain in the centre. None of our local fountains are turned on or have water in them at this time of year, so seeing all of these has me looking forward to the spring when the water runs again.

  2. Wow: that's a real variety. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Bristolians like to make art with water!