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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Wedding Snippets

I promised another taster of the wedding we went to this weekend. I always think it's nice to take a snapshot of what is happening on the sideline. It is all these little details put together which make for such a successful day.
A beautiful venue.

Busy guests.


Those essential bridal shoes at the start 

And the end...

A few sweeties.

It was certainly a lovely day.

Oh and if you have been wondering. We were there too!


  1. Glad we got to see a photo of you two. Love all the details, those bridal heels are quite something! Also love the Christopher Robin style teddy bear!

  2. A lovely view of a wedding - things we don't always see. Lovely photo of you two.

  3. Lovely day of love - great photo of you & your honey.

  4. Fabulous shots of a beautiful wedding - good to see you got in one too!
    I had fairly low wedding shoes - in fact they weren't actually wedding shoes but a pair of cream and gold gabor shoes, They were so comfortable I wore them after too.

  5. I hope the professional photographer caught as many good images of the "small moments" as you did! A lovely portrait of both of you as well!

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