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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Snowdrop Time

It is lovely to see the snowdrops out everywhere. They are still in full bloom on the farm.

Each year Brian works hard separating the clumps of bulbs after flowering and replanting some elsewhere.

The hard work has paid off and we now have a good show.

They look lovely intermingled with othe bulbs that are now emerging.

One of the main issues is discouraging the horse owners from letting their horses up onto this grass. They are not Brian's favourite people when they do that! 

We have several patches of snowdrops around the farmhouse. This is one of the most established.

They have been looking beautiful for some weeks.


  1. fabulous snowdrops and yes I can imagine horse feet would not be welcome on them

  2. Yes, beautiful! Ours do look very weedy by comparison, not sure we even have enough clumps to thin out!!

  3. They're gorgeous! We are still waiting for ours here: there are just a few hardy souls starting to poke their heads through

  4. Lovely display and lovely spring sun to match - ours are all out too.