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Sunday, 7 February 2016

An Unintended Walk

I set out for a walk with Monty last Thursday intending to go and have a look at the new owl box that the boys have put up. We started off down the drive with a couple of stops for photos of the bulbs and flowers appearing in the drive.

At least the snowdrops are a bit more correct for the season than the first two!

It was while taking these that I glanced behind me. Oh dear I was being followed......

Tiggy is often keen to come for a walk but I hadn't noticed him. I am not keen for the cats to follow me down onto the road for obvious reasons. It is only a rural road but there is a fair bit of traffic so the seeing the owl box had to wait for another day. We turned around and headed for a walk around the fields instead. The day was already dull but by now a mist was falling. I headed out to the fields with Monty and Tiggy in tow. Tiggy dawdles behind and then suddenly shoots forward flying up and down a tree or two before he catches up with Monty. He is very entertaining but far to fast to catch on camera. It would just be a blur.
I did manage a few misty pictures that give you a feel of what's he weather was like.

Roll on some blue sky days!


  1. LOVE the first tree-in-the-mist photo!

  2. Misty photos are always a favorite. Love how cats take walks.

  3. beautiful misty photos - just right for Tiggy camouflage - making do with a mention of Monty!

  4. I like the contrast of the bright cheerful yellow daffodil & the misty tree photos. Tiggy is very handsome, I love an all grey cat. You know what they say about the curiosity of a cat ... it can lead you on an alternative walk :)

  5. When I was little we had a ginger tom, who would walk with my Mum to the phone box in our village, and then wait for her to return from shopping. One day she came home a different way - he was still sat waiting at 7pm when she eventually realised why he was missing!

    1. That has happened to us. Been out in the car on more than one occasion to fetch a cat waiting in the hedge!

  6. Oh those trees look amazing!