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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Egg and Chips for Tea

I have probably mentioned on several occasions that we produce potatoes and eggs on the farm. The majority of the eggs and a large number of the potatoes are sold wholesale but we also have a lively farm gate trade.
The potatoes are graded in the shed by the house which is one of the main farm jobs at this time of year. The potatoes are sent over a grader where bad ones and stones are removed and then they drop into bags ready for weighing.

It is a noisy machine but frequently the sound of older daughter cheerfully chatting away can be heard over the clattering as she stacks the bags. Her father and uncle silently listening to her chatter as they work. The large sacks once weighed, tied and stacked are stored ready for sale.

Then some of the potatoes are graded over another machine for bagging into smaller 5kg bags.

Eggs are brought up from the hen houses and so all is ready and waiting for the customer.

The customers? Well they are a story all of their own. We have an "Open All Hours" policy apart from Sunday afternoons although customers don't really adhere to this. Someone always has to be here to serve customers and when the farm is busy this often comes down to me. I have got used to juggling my cooking with going out to serve customers. The customer is of course "always right" but that is not to say I don't swear to myself if I am in the middle of a tricky sauce or just gone upstairs to tidy up! I am sure they all think I am deaf as they hammer on the door and ring the bell in unison! That's without mentioning those who make me jump by tapping on the window, peering through it or even walking straight into my kitchen!
I have become very slick about talking about the weather. I know all about their ailments from coughs to constipation ( do I have one of those faces?) I know every joke from "egg and chips for tea then" to isn't that just "eggcellent"? It was my husband who was rather abashed by the lady whose trousers fell down as she leant into the car revealing her lack of underwear... 
Joking apart we have a lot of lovely regular customers many of whom have over the years brought us and the children presents.  Many like to see the animals or just pass the time of day. Monty knows which ones will have a biscuit for them and they soon learn not to touch Sky. They keep us in touch with local news and cheer up our day. We see their children grow up, meet their grandchildren and sadly at times see their health begin to fail. It is always a sad day when we hear that one of them has passed away or they simply stop visiting.
My life would be very dull without them even if we do argue at mealtimes over who is going to serve the next customer and all have our favourites and ones we would rather avoid. So if you are passing by do pop in for your eggs and spuds for tea and as long as it is not raining leave time to stop for a bit of a chat. We will be pleased to see you!



  1. Lovely tale. Nice to be part of the community & nice that you have regulars. I would really like to drop by & chat. It is so wonderful that your daughters are so involved with the farm, you must be proud or as my Gran would say, chuffed as mint balls. We have a farm nearby that farms chickens & pigs (oh the smell) & their farm is called Bacon & Eggs. Farm Gate Stores are becoming the norm for many of our farmers, they say it really helps to supplement the income & of course the battle is raging to sell raw milk. PS: I like egg & chips for tea :)

  2. Wow - interesting. What a nice place to visit though - I love buying right from the farm when possible.

  3. I can vouch for both eggs and spuds but at the moment it's a long way to travel for my egg 'n chips!

  4. Interesting to read about how potatoes are bagged - not something I have thought about. If I am passing I will pop in.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post :)

  6. Lovely community picture you paint. There are still lots of places that have it, even in towns, but it seems to be fading away over all. It is one of the things I miss about living in Japan.
    This ringing the bell while giving the door a good thump seems to have come about in the last couple of years. Why! Grrr. I have taken to not opening the door. (Very grown-up.) Then again, I'm not running a business. Anyway, I'll be out West in April so I'll make sure to pop over for me taters. Sunday pm suits me best... (Just jestin')

    1. If you are seriously coming this way perhaps we can organise a meet up with some other local bloggers. Miriam, Eileen, Barbara.