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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Reaching the Snow

On Monday I talked a little about our uphill walk in Great Langdale in pursuit of reaching the snow. We had made the most of our weekend in Cumbria and the good weather by going for a walk on Sunday. We had taken off driving alongside Lake Windermere enjoying the lakeside views. 

We started off not quite knowing where we were going to stop but had an idea that the girls could do an uphill climb while Brian and I chose a more sedate lowland walk. Somehow we were persuaded by the National Trust volunteer in the car park in Great Langdale that the walk to Stickle Tarn and back was only 2 miles. So off we went.
The path began to climb almost straight away and it was not long before older daughter and husband streaked on ahead the latter in his farmer wellies! Younger daughter insisted on walking at my pace which was quite slow on the steep bits.
It do not take long before we had quite a view back across the surrounding fells.

The path followed a sizeable stream of crystal clear water 

and there were several waterfalls along the way.

The path in places was very rough going and became more so as we climbed. There were places where we had to scramble over the rocks.

It was at this stage that I decided to give in being mainly concerned about the scramble back down. I stopped at a spot by a waterfall with suitably spectacular views and so just sat and admired the scenery for some time before descending as a small flurry of snow started to fall.

I handed my camera over to younger daughter to carry on up.

When she reached the top she caught up with the others and reached the snow!

Stickle Tarn is partly created by a dam and is part of a hydroelectric system to supply electricity to the pub at the bottom of the hill.

I was a little disappointed not to reach these heights but the photos they brought back made up for it!

Perhaps next time!


  1. The Lake District is my fave place in England. Great photos by younger daughter! (And I'm with you on disliking downhill climbing of any sort!)

  2. Wonderful views and photos and your daughter gave you a good taste of the bit you had missed! It must have been very cold indeed.

  3. It looks beautiful - I'm more of a circular walk fan (and definitely not keen on too many hills!)