Monday 15 February 2016

Memorandum Monday : A Very Special Weekend

I have sat down to get on with some paperwork and in front of me I have a reminder of the lovely weekend we have just had with lots of "new" happenings to report.

 A lovely floral table decoration with shades of pink roses that have all survived their journey home with us well.

 So we are back round to Monday on this crisp sunny morning and it is time to wave to Sian, the creator of this weekly moment to reflect on new happenings over the weekend. A wave also to the other participators of Memorandum Monday.
 Where do we start? I guess with a long journey up to Cumbria on Friday afternoon battling through the motorway traffic and arriving two hours later than we'd hoped. So nothing new there then! It was only the next morning when I stepped out of the hotel for a little walk just after sunrise that I realised what a fabulous setting we were in.

We had fabulous views over Lake Windermere with the sun rising on what promised to be a beautiful day for this special occasion. Then to really add to it we could see snow on the peaks in the distance.

This was something new to me as far as I can recall. I have visited the Lake District many times but never at this time of year so this really was an added bonus.
 We were visiting for a very important occasion. This being the wedding of the daughter of one of my closest friends. I could not help but reflect that it seems a short while ago that we were feeding talc and water to our Tiny Tears dolls (never a great success) and then helping to care for each other's babies when we visited each other at opposite ends of the country. Now we have entered a new era where our daughters step out into their own family life. 
My daughters were looking great in their new outfits purchased last weekend especially for the occasion as mentioned last Monday.

What a touching service it was too.


And of course her mum was there to help too. She may not bless me for this one!

Hopefully I shall have time in the week to show a few more snippets. 
 Sunday when we had said our goodbyes was a time to blow away a few cobwebs and try and get a bit nearer that snow. Here I am off up that hill.

You can see it peeping up in the top left hand corner of this picture. A new walk to us and more uphill than I would normally choose.

Do you know? You are going to have to wait till another day to see if I got to touch the snow or not! Have a great week everyone!


  1. a beautiful setting for the wedding and your daughters look fabulous in their new outfits.

  2. What a wonderful weekend! That setting is gorgeous!

  3. You're brave, walking up that hill! The bride looks beautiful and such a lovely setting - their photos should be really special.

  4. Oh she looks beautiful!(and so do your girls). Wow..the next generation, eh? I have a group of friends from university and I'm looking forward to the first of the next lot to get married, I'll admit it.

    Wishing you a great week Maggie

  5. Those mountain views are beautiful with the snowy peaks. Lovely wedding photos - everyone looking very nice

  6. congratulations, beautiful photos x

  7. Oh I do like a wedding & I have not been to one in quite a while. Everyone looks so lovely in dress up clothes.

  8. Your girls look so beautiful - and what a wonderful location to spend the weekend. The lake district is on my list of places 'still to visit' in Britain.