Monday, 29 February 2016

Memorandum Monday: New People, New Experiences, New Tricks

Waving again to Sian and all the other bloggers on this last and extra day in February. Well the last weekend of the month has certainly been a busy one for us. It really started for us on Thursday with the arrival of my Goddaughter and her boyfriend. This was a kind of a first for us as we had not met her boyfriend before. They have been away travelling for the last two years and are off on more adventures again soon. It was of course an opportunity to introduce them to the hens.

Then there was time for a bit of high jinks.

So Friday meant saying goodbye to them and wishing them well on their travels. It was then strip the beds and remake them for the next visitors namely my niece, her husband and baby. So it was a chance for some new experiences for Great nephew. He had been taken round the farm once before but is now old enough to take some notice of his surroundings. So it was meet the cows.

Then the hens.

And of course a horse.

My girls enjoyed spending time with the little chap and teaching him some new tricks. 

Then did I say that at sometime on Saturday I fitted in five friends calling in for a cuppa and then getting that focaccia from last weekend out of the freezer and ready to serve at a village hall event. So Sunday was roast for 7 and then time to say goodbye to our visitors before a restful Sunday evening.


  1. Busy weekend! Looks fun, though. Hope your week to come is not too hectic.. X

  2. looks like you had a very busy few days.

  3. He's very cute, with that serious face! It sounds like a weekend filled with good things. Have a great week Maggie

  4. Hopefully with early visits to the farm for your great nephew, you can encourage a new generation of farmer. Happy week ahead.