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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Some to Spare

Chew Valley Lake is a reservoir that was built in the 1950s and supplies water to Bristol. It collects water from the surrounding Mendips and other hills. It has become a place of leisure for people sailing, fishing, bird watching, walking or simply visiting the cafe or picnic area.
 It is not uncommon for me to pass by the lake. A week or so ago I passed the southern end on a bright sunny day. I stopped briefly to look at the birds.

There is a lock system controlling the water.

This week I was crossing the dam at the northern end.

On this occasion it was again sunny but the water from the previous day's rain was still flooding into the lake. Consequently there was an overflow of the excess.

This was running away on the other side of the dam.

As I stood there watching and admiring the view listening to the rush of the water an elderly gentleman and his wife stopped to look. He murmured after a while "hmm and I guess there will be a hosepipe ban in a few months " . His words certainly reflect the craziness of our weather and our ability to cope with it.


  1. fabulous photos and great to see a sunny day - chuckled at his comment about the water

  2. That's a lot of water. Already our weather forecasters are saying because of the lack of snow, there is the likelihood of a dry to drought like spring & summer, so maybe your fellow water watcher is correct. :)

  3. Great pics, especially the light in the top pic, and I do like the semi-circles formed by the water. Oh that guy is so right - such a sodden island and yet we always seem to run short by July. Made me laugh though!