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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Cake for Tea

A week or so ago we went to a friend's house for tea. I promised to bring along a cake. I had quite a lot of marzipan in the cupboard so I made one of my favourite teatime treats.

Battenburg cake is fun to make if not a little fiddly. I have a special tin with sections to make the 4 pieces but you could equally make two rectangular cakes and cut them to size. The tricky bit is rolling the marzipan around the cake.
We were treated to a proper afternoon tea with sandwiches, cheese scones and a variety of cakes. Just the ideal situation for a picture for the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt No. 14 Afternoon Tea.

I'm afraid I didn't save you any. Sorry!


  1. Love the cake - how clever. I'm having some tea right now - could use a piece of cake too.

  2. Looks good - and someone still has some Christmas cake left!

  3. What a very spring time setting your tea table is. Pretty checkerboard cake I will say no thank to cake as I am working the plan ...

  4. looks a lovely tea - I'm always impressed when someone takes the time to make all the bits needed for a nice spread

  5. I'm not surprised that there wasn't any left!

  6. I wish I liked Battenburg as yours looks wonderful - I don't think I have ever come across a homemade one before. However, I won't say no to a slice of that coffee sponge I spy... Mmmmm, thank you!