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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Agapanthus Stages

I have followed the progression of the agapanthus outside our conservatory.

I thought originally that it would be a subject for Helena's Snap until I collected too many photos. I wouldn't be one to bend the rules. The angle and flower does change due to the difficulty of getting in the right position to capture them. They moved outwards as they opened!


  1. love the purple on green combo - fabulous series

  2. It's fascinating to see the changes as the flower opens out - a great series of lovely photos.

  3. Very nice progression collection. Agapanthus always remind me of a line from the Harry Potter series when Prof Dumbledore admires the Dursley's agapanthus - book 6.

  4. Such a striking plant - always a pleasure to look at.
    And goodness yes, isn't it terrible the way some people break rules? ;o)