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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Rain Drops

Yesterday was the first day of rain that we have had for a while. When I went out to feed the dogs and cats the rain drops on some of the flowers against the light caught my eye. I popped back out with my camera a little later.
On the fennel flowers.

The lavatera has been knocked around a bit by the rain.

I haven't got many sweet peas this year.

And even less sunflowers.

The nasturtium leaves make a good raindrop collection point.

This rose has its second batch of blooms.

I have quite a few varieties of Argyranthemums now.


  1. beautiful captures - you must have got pretty wet taking them all - that rain was relentless yesterday

  2. These photos do a brillint job of illustrating..well, "wet" I guess you'd call it. That's what it looks like outside here today, except I can't take such nice photos to record it!

  3. So lovely, and your different perspectives make this a really appealing group of photographs.

  4. Wonderful photos - I love rain pictures. The flowers look so refreshed - in most cases. The sweet peas look like fairies dancing.